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About MHP
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Legal Business Name: Matt Haslam Productions

EIN: 47-3634163

Owner: Matthew J.L. Haslam

Phone: 570-294-4211

Our Mission Statement:

Matt Haslam Productions (MHP) is an all service entertainment company. We provide our customers with the area's most recommended products and services, world-class engineering knowledge, industry-leading equipment, and exceptional customer service. Since 2001, MHP has been honored by its customers with a 100% customer satisfaction rating in all of the fields we service. These fields include: video/film, photography, live and recorded audio, event and film lighting, projection, singer/songwriter performances, graphic design, consulting, merchandise, and equipment sales. We provide the unique ability for our customers to hire one company for all of their event and production needs in all of the facets of the entertainment industry. We have a dedication to keep safety our main goal at all times while keeping affordability in mind. 

Giving Back:

Here at MHP, we are a for-profit company; however, we believe it is vital to support our local area, the areas our customers serve, and causes we believe in most. 


We provide live local programming for parades, debates, church services, community events, and smaller community-minded events whenever possible through our MHP TV platform. We service areas which big networks do not and areas we believe have a lot to offer the world.


We also regularly support a charity called The Trevor Project, the nation's leading organization offering crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth. We give not just on our own but we also offer products on our website store which support this charity with 100% of their proceeds. 

Years ago, when a charity didn't exist to cover a cause we believe in strongly, we started one. Along with a co-director who runs the group now, we co-founded the Little Drummer Boy Charity which helps provide music and friendship to residents in nursing homes and assisted living centers during the holiday seasons. This group has grown from one nursing home back when we founded it to eventually growing to provide shows to over 25 locations in the month of December alone with the help of hundreds of kids, parents, and musicians. 


Here at MHP, we believe it's important to support our local community and the causes we believe in most but to encourage our fans and customers to do the same. Don't just take from the world but give back, that's our philosophy.