Step 1: 

First, you want to open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) or wherever you check your email. Next you want to find your email and sign in. 


Step 2: 

You want to then compose a new message or a new email. On most email accounts, there will be a button on the top left of your screen where you can click on it and it will allow you to compose a brand new message. 


Step 3: 

You then want to add a recipient to your email so you will be sending the email to our email address here at MHP. Our email address is below if you need a reminder.


Step 4: 

Under the Subject Line of your email, you will want to title your email something along the lines of "ATTN: Media Importing Dept." that way our team knows there is a file attached for a project and doesn't throw it in our email trash bin by accident. 


Step 5: 

There is no need to write a message in your email unless you have specific instructions for us concerning the audio file. 


Step 6: 

Next, you'll want to find the file you wish to send us in your computer. On most email accounts, there will be a paperclip icon somewhere on your screen which if you click on this paperclip icon, it will open your File Explorer on your computer and you can search through your files on your computer to find the right file you wish to send us. 


Step 7: 

Once you have found the file you wish to send us, you will want to double left click on the file in order to attach the file to your email. Please note: If the file is too large (usually over 25 MB in size), you cannot send us an email with your file attached and you will have to choose another option for sending your file by clicking HERE


Please do NOT send us more than ONE file per email. If you are sending us 4 or 5 audio files, please send us 4 or 5 emails which each have only one file attached to them. 


Step 8: 

Once your file is attached to the email, you will want to hit send. 


If you are sending more than one file to us, you will need to complete steps 2 through 8 for each file sending us ne file per email. 


And that's really is that easy!