Audio Services

Audio Editing:

MHP makes quick work of editing audio for any recorded project no matter the size or type. We have edited music albums, single tracks, voice overs, and synchronized thousands of hours of video for production companies.

Please contact us by calling 570-294-4211 to see how we can help you with your next audio project.

Why Choose MHP?
  • Fast, easy, and reliable audio editing

  • Professional quality export

  • We utilize industry-standard editing software including:

    • Adobe Audition

    • Final Cut Pro

    • Red Giant PluralEyes

    • Acoustica Mixcraft

    • And more...

  • Our company is reliable and affordable.

What Exactly Does MHP Offer?
  • Editing

  • Mastering

  • Audio Synchronization to Video

  • Audio Synchronization to other audio clips

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