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about me // from me


Hey, I'm Matt.

Why do I already feel like I'm filling out my Grindr profile? lol.


Anyway, I was born and raised in a small town called St. Clair, PA with my loving dad (Gene) and hero of a sister (Amy). I started playing music and writing songs at just 8 years old when my sister caught me playing her guitar and taught me some chords. Later that day, I had my first ever song written - and the rest is history as they say. The summer of 2001 is when I played my first ever live show with my original songs. It was on my 9th birthday, July 3, 2001. 

Shortly after, I started playing bigger shows and opening for other bands. And soon, I had my own audience and my show grew to have my own name on the tickets. During my down time, I ran a company which engineered lighting and sound for other bands and events in the area and we got pretty good at what we did.

After many years on the road and after 7 headline tours, I realized a bulk of my audience was online so I started playing my music for them. Venues still are welcome to hire me but most of my time in music is spent building a friendship with you, my fans. And I've been extremely lucky to have built that fan relationship with folks in many countries such as China, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Canada, and many others. Oh, and I can't forget my American fans too - you're all awesome!

So, while a lot of my music time is spent making music videos, lyric videos, and such for my international audience, I still perform live whenever I can. And since I've been asked before, I travel world-wide to perform.


FAQ's I Get Asked All The Time:

What's my music all about?

99.9% of the music I perform is original music. I'm not yet another 80's rock cover band...those bands don't make their fans as happy as I get to make mine. I'm a storyteller and my fans like hearing my stories while singing along. When I was just starting out, I used to write songs for bullies in school and perform them at talent shows in front of their parents. I used to write love songs about boys, change all the adjectives so no one would know it was about a boy, and play "straight" music on stage. In those years, I helped bars, restaurants, coffee shops, theaters, and so on fill their seats. Nowadays, I've opened up more in my music and I now get to perform my originals the way they were written...about a boy. I also perform some music written about those close to me. Some include "Navigate" (written for my dad), "There's No Monsters Here" (written for my sister), "Dear Superman" (written for my nephew), and more. I'm lucky enough to write and perform some comedy songs (such as "Give The World A Smile") which make people laugh, some which make people cry (such as "One Word; The Cancer Song") and others written for my community (such as "We Bleed Rainbow"). 

What's Comedy Music?

It's basically a song which is telling a 3 minute joke on stage. It just makes you laugh and have a good time listening to it.

What's Beta Music?

Recently I got into writing songs like "Lost Dog", "Alpha", "Beta", and "Treat Me Wrong" which would be classified as Beta/Pup Music more than anything. And honestly, you don't have to know what it means to enjoy those songs. Beta and Pup is a Tribe in the LGBTQ community and these songs are written for that tribe but others enjoy them just as much. In fact, some of those songs have become my most popular of all time with much thanks to my amazing community. These are the songs I most like performing at Gay Pride and similar events because the community there understands these songs more than most. But if you don't know what it is, don't worry. I hope you can enjoy my music regardless. 

Oh and when performing this style of music, you might notice my character name in the music videos of "Amante" which means "Lover" in Italian.

Why Do You Hide Easter Eggs in Your Music Videos?

Every music video I've ever released has had plenty of easter eggs hidden in them and it's been a fun game I'm able to play with my fans. As long as my fans continue to like the game of finding them in my videos, I'll keep hiding easter eggs.

I Live In Another Country, How Can I Support You and Your Music?

So, my producers want me to tell you all about my merch store where you can find my albums, singles, t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise items. And if it weren't for my amazing fans supporting the albums and merch, my producers wouldn't really want me to keep spending their money to make music for you...but if you ask me, music isn't all about the money. Honestly, if you want to support my music, share your favorite music video of mine with your friends, like the videos, subscribe to my YouTube Channel, comment below a video telling me how much you like it or what experience you can relate in your life to the story, or just watch for new songs to come out and I hope you enjoy them too. As long as you enjoy my music, that's all that matters to me. I like writing and making music and I love that you enjoy it so much...and that's what makes me smile.

I'm the organizer of a Gay / LGBTQ Pride Event and I Want You to Perform:

I LOVE performing at pride's quite literally the coolest thing I get to do. If you want, you can contact me at 570-294-4211, email, or check out our booking page for more info and my press bio (Click HERE).

I'm a venue owner or an event organizer and would like to have you perform soon:

If you want, you can contact me at 570-294-4211, email, or check out our booking page for more info and my press bio (Click HERE).