First off, thank you for being our customer. Below you will find a step-by-step help sheet of how to download your project online. 

  1. Open the email we sent you informing you that your project is completed and ready for download. Anyone with access to this email we sent you is able to access and download your project so please be very careful of whom you forward your email to.​​

  2. At the bottom of that email will be a URL link which will forward you to a private Dropbox folder on our private MHP Dropbox Account. Because you are accessing our account, you do not need to create your own Dropbox account. Under this email, left click on this URL link.

  3. If you do not wish to sign in or create a Dropbox account, you don't have to. Once the link opens the file, it will pop up with a screen asking you if you wish to sign in or you can simply click on the button at the bottom of that popup screen which says "No thanks, continue to view". Left click on this text.

  4. At the top right of the screen you will notice a "Download" button which will allow you to choose between saving the folder to your computer (this option is called "Direct Download") or download the project to your own Dropbox account (if you have one).

  5. After you left-click "Direct Download" you will need to choose where on your computer you would like the files saved to. I suggest saving them in a place you will remember easily.

  6. Please allow the download to complete successfully. Some internet speeds are very slow and the project files you are downloading may be very large so it may take a few minutes.

  7. After the files have downloaded, please check them on your computer to make sure they downloaded and you can open them so they play correctly.

  8. After doing so, you can close the shared folder window on your internet browser and use your project however you wish including uploading your project to social media platforms and your website (if you have one) directly from your computer. 

PLEASE NOTE: Shared Dropbox folders EXPIRE after 15 to 20 days so please double check the files work properly once you download them to your computer. If you need access to the shared folder after this time, we may have to send you a new shared folder link.