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Though it's a sensitive subject, someday our family members won't always be there to tell us their stories, their experiences, life lessons, and to pass along their wisdom. Most importantly they won't always be here to pass on their knowledge of your family tree. For some of us who are young, at the moment we don't understand the importance of not only knowing who our ancestors were but what they were like, how they lived, and what they did. Someday down the road; however, we will wonder just that. So, while they are still with us, it's important if not vital that we take the steps to preserve those stories and that wisdom for not only ourselves to watch as we grow older but for future generations who will someday ask what their great-grandparents were like. 

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  • Safety is always our top priority

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    • Our crew can film in your home, assisted living center, nursing home without disrupting the entire day for you. We have a deep respect for your home. 

  • Our company is reliable and affordable.

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Matt Haslam
Sample Family Video 2