When was MHP founded?

We were founded by Matt Haslam on July 3, 2001. Fun fact: It was Matt Haslam's birthday that same day when we officially became a legal company.

Where is MHP located?

We are located in beautiful Minersville, Pennsylvania, USA. We travel to all parts of the country and beyond to serve our customers. For security reasons, our full address is available to customers upon request by Contacting Us.

What are our business hours?

Our offices are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We never close, even on holidays.

Is MHP available on holidays?

Yes! We are open on all holidays. In fact, we regularly work on holidays for our customers and their events / productions. We understand that we're an event company and your events or projects might take place on holidays.

Is there a minimum order amount?

No. Unlike most of our competitors, MHP provides each and every project with the same world-class customer service and professional quality regardless of the project size or budget.

How much does MHP charge?

We pride ourselves in providing the area's best services and products at an affordable price. Our prices depend on a number of variables which are unique to each project. These include the size of the project, how much equipment and staff the project requires, and the distance to the venue or location for which an event or production is taking place. We would not expect our customers to pay the same price for a small project which only requires a briefcase of equipment as compared to a project which requires a truck of professional gear. Please contact us at 570-544-3136 to speak with our crew to learn more.

Why does MHP charge Sales Tax?

Our business is located in Pennsylvania. According to the PA Department of Revenue, we are required to charge a 6.0% sales tax on top of any order unless your project is for resale and / or is tax exempt (Please see below).

What if my organization or project is Tax Exempt?

MHP works for many organizations and projects which are sales tax exempt. Here are some of the many reasons why your project may be considered tax exempt:

  • Religious Institution
  • Government Agency
  • School
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • The project is for resale
If your organization is tax exempt or if your project is for resale, please fill out the PA Dept. of Revenue form (linked below) and email us a copy of this signed form. Please be sure to include in your email your name, the group or organization's name, and attach a copy of your sales tax exemption form to the email in PDF format so we are able to read it. By law, MHP is required to charge sales tax on all other orders or invoices for which a tax exemption form is not provided. Pennsylvania Sales Tax Exemption Form: Click HERE Email MHP: matthaslamproductions@yahoo.com

Can MHP provide more than one service at one time?

Yes! Here at MHP, we regularly work on projects which utilize all of our services. For instance, many schools use our video, photography, live audio engineering, lighting design and engineering, projection, graphic design, and more of our services all at once for their concerts. We also have the ability to provide multiple customers with our amazing services at the same time at many different locations.

What is MHP TV?

MHP TV is our local community broadcast network. We provide coverage of local events and news such as parades, debates, sports, and events on our Local Channel. We provide educational content on our Powered By Rainbows and our V-LAMP channels. We provide live and local music on our Pride Stage. And we provide music on our Music channel.

What types of services does MHP provide?

MHP provides our customers with over 200 services and thousands of products but our services fall under the following categories:

  • Video and Film
  • Photography
  • Live and Recorded Audio
  • Event and Film Lighting
  • Projection
  • Graphic Design
  • Singer/Songwriter Performances
  • Consulting for all of the above categories
We also offer Merchandise including our self-authored books, broadcast copies, albums, and more. Finally, we offer thousands of Retail items through our dealerships of quality audio, lighting, and video manufacturers.

How can I submit footage, audio clips, photos, and graphics for MHP to use in my project?

Submitting something for us to use in your project or another customer's project is now easier than ever. In fact, we created a page on our website which shows you exactly how to submit things to us. To find out more, please go to our SEND US FILES page.

I have a question which wasn't answered here. How can I contact MHP to find the answer?

Easy! Our phone number is 1 - (570) - 294 - 4211 and our email address is matthaslamproductions@yahoo.com. We typically respond within one day.