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We film depositions and evidence in Full HD quality so your law firm can provide the best quality photographs and video clips as evidence in a legal case. 

We have filmed the aftermath of home and business fire cases including arsons, legal depositions, photographed locations and items of evidence, and much more. Law firms love to hire us to go out to locations and record such things as evidence since we have years of experience filming for news and we even have a trained firefighter on staff so we know what to look for when searching for evidence to photograph. We then provide you with the Full HD versions of everything on USB Flash Drive so you can print or project the video and/or photographs in any courtroom. 

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Please Note:

For legal reasons, we cannot show an actual deposition. The example above is an example interview which showcases similar production skills.

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Why Choose MHP?

  • Safety is always our top priority

  • Your video will be filmed, edited, and published in Full HD

  • We can add timecode and world clock to any deposition at no additional cost to you.

  • Professional and Fantastic Customer Service

    • We have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating​

  • Our company is reliable and affordable.

Examples of Our Work:

Minersville Working Fire Footage:

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