Lighting Design

MHP offers comprehensive 3D stage and lighting design services for productions and events of all sizes and types. This allows you to see what the stage and the lighting will look like for your event, months before your event begins.

Please give us a call today at 570-294-4211 for more info on getting a custom lighting design made for your next event.

Why Choose MHP?

  • MHP has a strong dedication to safety

  • Our engineers have played a part in over 4,000 live events and counting. This means we are experienced in handling events of all sizes and types. 

  • Our engineers have designed and engineered lighting systems for the Vice President of the United States of America, college graduations and events, talent shows, and plenty of local concerts. ​

  • MHP is equipped with plenty of industry-standard equipment

  • Our company is reliable and affordable.

Example of Our Work:

MHP designed the lighting for Whitehall Area High School's production of "Addams Family" - April 2018

We designed the lighting system with the installed 50+ Lekos, par cans, follow spots, and stage overhead light bars. We added LED light strips, LED par cans, fog machines, video projector, and color temp. changing lighting gels to fit the mood of the show. Overall, there were hundreds of lights on and around the stage, all of which were controlled by MHP computers and programmed down to the second to give the show the perfect look in every scene and live scene changes.

We worked closely with the set builders in the months leading up to the show to ensure our lights were hidden as much as possible and those which we couldn't hide, were dressed up to camouflage them into the set. 

MHP even worked with the set designer for scenes which took place on an outdoor set with streetlights. We added Lekos and changed the color temp of those Lekos with color temp changing lighting gels to ensure the stage looked like it was lit by the streetlights which were a part of the set, making the scene look a bit more realistic. 

Overall, this is our proudest achievement yet in lighting design, programming hundreds of lighting channels, perfectly timed down to the second on a computer to light the stage during the over 2 hour show. 

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