Our extended bed 20 foot commercial van makes light work of any large project. Hauling tons of our professional equipment, this van helps us get from one location to another in record time frames. If your project calls for a load of heavy gear, our van can make sure it gets there safe.


Our commercial van is equipped with a full DIT station ensuring your video, audio, and photography footage is imported into our online database and backed up directly on site so nothing is lost.


Also Outfitted with:

  • Outside Lighting

  • Loading Ramp

  • First Aid Kit & Fire Extinguisher

  • Rear View Camera


Our small cars enable us to provide smaller projects with a much more affordable solution. Cars can carry small amounts of light-weight gear for small projects or crew for larger projects. Our small cars get great gas mileage meaning they are perfect for many budget projects.


Our pick-up truck is perfect for very specialized video production needs. For car commercials or driving scenes we can place camera cranes in the bed of our pick-up truck to ensure the camera can extend to get you the perfect moving shot. Equipped with a full truck rack so we can place lights and equipment wherever needed, this truck is powerful enough to get the perfect shot and safe enough to make sure it's done safe.


In some cases it's much more cost effective to send everything in one big box. In case you need something really big for your production, our company works with many rental companies to ensure the most cost efficient truck for transporting our professional gear. We also work with production rental houses for additional grip trucks and large sets.

Matt Haslam Productions



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