Step 1: 

First, plug in an empty USB Flash Drive or (for larger files) plug in a USB External Hard Drive into your computer's USB drive. 


Step 2:

Make sure your USB or External Hard Drive is EMPTY. In order to do this, you'll want to open your computer's "File Explorer" or "My Computer" and find your USB device. On most computers, you will see a list of different files on your computer such as your Photos, Music, Documents, etc. 

Again on most computers, your USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive is going to be listed on the bottom of this list. You'll want to double click on the flash drive or external hard drive's name.


If you have anything on this USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive besides the audio you want to send us, please copy the files onto your computer and then delete them from this USB flash drive or external hard drive so the only thing on your flash drive or external hard drive will be the audio you wish to send us. If there are confidential documents or files on this drive when you send it to us, we are not responsible for the loss of confidential or proprietary information. 


Step 3: 

Next, you want to find the photos on your computer. In order to find the photos on your computer, all you need to do is open your File Explorer on your computer. On some computers, this File Explorer is simply titled "My Computer". Find the folder called "My Computer". Then click on "Photos" and finally search through the files to find the photo(s) you wish to send us. 

My Computer>My Photos> 


Step 4:

You want to copy the files you wish to send us onto your USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive. To do this, find each file you wish to send us and drag and drop each file from your computer onto your USB drive or External Hard Drive. You can also right click on each of the files you wish to send us and click "Copy" and then go to the USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive's file and right click and then click on "Paste". 


Step 5:

When all the files you wish to send us are on the USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive, you'll want to make sure nothing else is on the drive before proceeding to the next step. We want to receive drives which only have the files we need on them because we'd rather not sort through hundreds of family photos or documents to find the files we need. 


Step 6:

Unplug your USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive from your computer and insert your flash drive / external hard drive into a padded envelope or small box. 

Please note: The packaging you send us your USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive in is the same packaging we will use to return your photos when we are finished processing them so please make sure to take extra time to find a quality box or envelope that can protect your photos on their way to and from the trip. 


Step 7:

If you are sending a USB flash drive, please proceed to step 8. 

If you are sending us an External Hard Drive, please make sure to include in your envelope / box ALL necessary cables including the USB cable which connects the external hard drive to the computer AND the power cable which connects the external hard drive to an AC Power Outlet (if your model of hard drive requires external power). 


Step 8: 

Make sure to clearly write or label the envelope / small box with a return address. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not include a return address on the envelope, your media will NOT be returned to you AND you will not be eligible for a refund. 



John Smith

123 Second Street, 

New York, NY 12345


Step 9: 

Ship your envelope / small box to our offices with the following address using United States Postal Service (USPS). 


Matt Haslam Productions

ATTN: Media Importing Dept.

537 Pine Hill Street, 

Minersville, PA 17954


That's it ... it's really THAT easy!


Learn how to get Refunded for your Shipping Costs:

Here's how the refund process works. 

In order to be eligible:

1. You must be sending us media for a project you are not producing. If you are the customer for the project which you are sending us media for, you will not be refunded the shipping price.

2. You must use United States Postal Service (USPS). 

3. You must provide us with a return shipping address on the envelope / package including your name.

When we return your media to you, we will also include a check inside the package / envelope made payable to the name on the return address portion of the package. For instance, if you only write your address, we will not have a name to write the refund out to so if you want a refund, please write your full address including your name on the return shipping on the envelope. This shipping refund amount will be forwarded to the customer on the project and thus, we will only refund the minimum amount according to USPS so if you choose extra options such as additional insurance on your package or anything above First Class mail, we will only refund the amount as if the package was sent using First Class mail.