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They Are Heroes

Please take the moment today to remember those who never take a moment off so that we can. A couple years ago I was pleased to direct a project working with a wonderful local songwriter Janet Saunders Enders which taught me quite a bit about our military. In making this film, we traveled to Fort Indian Town Gap, PA and met with some of the National Guard stationed there. While there we interviewed some of the men and women and in our conversations I learned many of us just pass by without even a 'hello' or a 'thank you' when we see someone in uniform. So sometime today, take a moment to give a listen to this video because 'Thank You' is no where near enough and comment below with a name of a service man or women either past or present you would like honored / remembered today. For me, that includes my grandfathers Jean Haslam, Louis Isella, my grandmother Mary Isella and many others of my family who proudly wore our flag on their shoulder. So from all of us here at Matt Haslam Productions, thank you to every branch of our military and their families. No...thank you is not and will never be enough but it's a good start and it's all we can say to summarize how we feel.