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Minersville, PA Water Authority Meeting 12/16/19

Minersville, PA Area Water Authority has been providing dirty, undrinkable and seemingly unhealthy water to its residents on and off for years due to an overworked and out-of-date system. A group of residents formed online to help collect data of water main breaks and dirty water incidents and in Sept. 2019, that group asked the Water Authority 50 simple questions to better understand the problem and possible solutions. In Nov. 2019, the Water Authority gave alarming answers to those questions citing repairs done more than a decade ago as 'recent' and leaving crucial numbers from their answers missing. Now, during their Dec. 2019 meeting, the Water Authority is asked why no schools in their coverage area are checked for lead or any other harmful materials in their water supply. Why key data or answers weren't given initially when residents asked basic questions. And the board is asked if they would be more transparent to their customers in the future by testing public locations, schools, or businesses so testing site locations could be made public record. Their answers to these simple questions were at times heated but overall the residents learned a great deal and now look forward to working even more closely with the Water Authority to solving the issues soon. Join us as we attend the December monthly meeting of the Minersville, PA Water Authority.

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