Realtor Videos

What We Provide:

If you want to showcase a property to prospective buyers, what better way to showcase the best parts of a property then by having MHP create a stunning 5 minute quick look? 

We use Full HD cameras to take plenty of pictures and video clips and edit together a stunning video you can show on any platform. We will even spot-shadow certain key parts of a home like central air vents, certain types of flooring, or whichever parts of a home you think will sell the property the best.

Give us a call today at 570-294-4211 to see how we can help you sell your next property.

Why Choose MHP?

  • Safety is always our top priority

  • Your video will be filmed, edited, and published in Full HD

    • Ready for any local, regional, or national broadcaster​

    • Ready for Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, or any other social media platform

  • Professional and Fantastic Customer Service

    • We have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating​

  • Non-Disruptive Production

  • Our company is reliable and affordable.

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