Sporting Event Videos

Here at MHP, we capture sporting events from our Full HD camera, allowing coaches and organizations the ability to see each play to help their teams prepare and succeed. 

Our cameramen have personally filmed for ESPN, PCN Sports, and plenty of other local broadcasters meaning we know exactly what it takes to film your sporting event. From football, soccer, basketball, baseball, water polo, wrestling, to volleyball or any sport in between, we have the experience and equipment to capture it all - and all for an affordable price. 

After each game, we offer schools and organizations 24 hour edits of their games so you can see your game 24 hours after gametime. We also keep all footage from each camera and each game on file so if players need highlight reels for their college applications, we can provide that to them in Full HD.

Why Choose MHP?

  • No need for parents to have dozens of camcorders around the field, court, or pool.

  • Most sporting events can be captured by only one of our staff member in attendance for the game, keeping our services affordable.

  • We offer a professional video with multiple camera angles including:

    • ​Small manned cameras for following the action

    • Small unmanned cameras placed discreetly around the field, court, or pool for amazing angles without getting in the way of the teams playing the game or the spectators enjoying the game

    • Waterproof cameras for underwater or pool-side camera angles of a water sporting event

    • Waterproof cameras for outdoor sporting events when the weather doesn't hold back

  • Exceptional audio quality with:
    • Professional ambient microphones to capture every play of the game and every round of applause by the spectators
  • Full HD video file edited and uploaded to our server, ready for your coaches to view usually within 24 to 48 hours after game is over:
    • YouTube or Vimeo links allowing you to share the game with your team and your fans on social media.
  • Safety is ALWAYS our main goal
    • For more info on our safety protocols and regulations we follow, please click HERE.​
  • Our company is reliable and affordable.

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