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Press Biography

Matt Haslam is a Singer / Songwriter in the Country, Pop, Comedy, LGBTQ, and Beta Music genres. He is an artist who has headlined 7 tours, released 13 all-original albums, and written over 500 songs in his career. He has opened the show for world-famous bands including Recycled Percussion (who headlines a show in Las Vegas and placed 5th in America's Got Talent 2009), Christy Jefferson (a world-touring Pop artist), and plenty of local bands. During his show, Matt performs on guitar, keyboard / piano, vocals, percussion, and bass making his show a true one-manned band. Though smaller venues will see his acoustic showcase, larger venues will allow the international Fan Club and audiences to see the use of large special effects. On past tours, we've been known to use large lighting designs, custom stages, and special effects such as falling curtains, projection backgrounds, and confetti guns. The special effects we'll utilize on this year's Beta Tour are still a surprise.


Pioneering Force

Since the show began in 2001, the Matt Haslam stage has been a pioneering force in local entertainment. To our knowledge and our extensive research, our show was the first local medium stage act to attempt a majority of the special effects and lighting techniques we now use and others have since copied. We were the first to showcase moving head spotlights on our stage. The first to feature guitar tosses, custom stages and risers, falling curtains, and projection backgrounds. The Haslam stage is where the local area saw theatrics including dancers and actors on stage. Our stage was also one of the first in the area to incorporate confetti guns during the show.

Please note: These effects were some of the many we included on our stage in the past and they should not be expected for every show in the future.

Some Past Events

  • Kutztown University

    • Sold Out Show

    • 5,000+ Audience

  • Gordon Music Festival

    • 1,000+ Audience​

  • Lebanon County Fair

    • 1,000+ Audience​

  • Ashland Apple Festival

    • 750+ Audience​

  • Club Paparazzi 

    • Sold Out Show​

    • 150+ Audience

  • St. Joseph's Block Party, Frackville, PA

    • 250+ Audience​

  • Amigo's Restaurant 

    • Sold Out Weekly Shows​

  • Lazy Dog Coffeehouse

    • Weekly Shows​

The Music

You will hear both cover and original music during the show. Matt Haslam accompanies himself on many instruments including guitar, piano/keyboard, percussion, and bass. Please see below for a list of artists who Matt covers during his show.

For an example of his music, we welcome you to to enjoy his recent music video from his new album, "Beta".

The Gear

The best part of the Matt Haslam Performance is that the show is a branch of Matt Haslam Productions. Because our company also has lighting, sound, and staging branches; it gives us the unique ability to bring in any equipment needed for any size venue or situation. Unlike most shows, we don't require the venue to supply any equipment if they don't have any. 

This also means we can offer venues a much more cost efficient solution than most other acts because we own all the equipment we will need. As an added bonus, all of our equipment is professional and industry-standard compared to the home stereo systems most local bands use in their shows.

For a full equipment breakdown and floor plan for different size shows, please click HERE.

Venue Perks

The Matt Haslam show has made venues and events a ton of money over the years. Whether you are looking at having a typical audience set up with fans paying a ticket price or if you're looking at having us help sell food and drinks while up on stage, the Matt Haslam show has the experience and knowledge to help you turn a profit.

For venues looking for typical audience tickets, we offer our comprehensive website to help sell tickets directly to fans. Our fans are looking at our website, so why not have them buy tickets right here and print them from home?

Artists Covered

A Great Big World

Alec Benjamin


Dierks Bentley 

Dustin Lynch

Eli Young Band

Eric Church

Jamey Johnson

Jimmy Buffett

Owl City


Taylor Swift

Troye Sivan

The Fray

Tim McGraw

Willie Nelson

Zac Brown Band

and more

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